Oklahoma Appellate Lawyers

Not every case ends at trial. High conflict family law cases, contested adoptions, and parental rights cases are commonly appealed after trial. The Smith Firm is at the forefront of Oklahoma appellate practice and is prepared to act as your attorney on appeal.

Identify Your Appellate Issues

You may believe the judge or jury got every issue wrong at trial, however, a successful appeal begins by identifying those issues you are most likely to prevail upon and focus your argument to the legal questions that are most likely to be considered by the appellate court. These may not be issues that are clear to everyone, but your case may present the appellate court with an opportunity to address an issue that has been confounding trial courts.

Appellate Experience

The Smith Firm attorneys have represented clients in multiple published appellate decisions that have wide-ranging effect on Oklahoma law. That experience provides insight on positioning cases for appeal from the first day we are retained, and identifying issues most-likely to receive the appellate court’s attention on appeal.

Our appellate experience ranges from Constitutional considerations of the rights of parents, contested adoptions, attorneys fees, property, and more. We love difficult cases and that includes trial work as well as appellate cases. We understand the issues most likely to be critical to the appeal and we keep those in mind as we litigate your case through to the appeal (if needed).

Your Appellate Counsel

A number of family law attorneys refer their appellate cases to us to take up the effort following trial. Sometimes the appellate work requires effort to protect the decision entered by the trial court, and sometimes we’re advocating against the court’s decision. Either way, this requires working with the trial counsel regarding the completion of the record of the case and understanding the substantive and procedural issues of the case.

Rely on an Oklahoma City Appellate Lawyers to Protect Your Rights

Your case may be done at trial, but there could be additional work to do. Don’t stop at the 10 yard line, see the case to completion. Let the appellate attorneys of The Smith Firm help you on appeal.

Do not put off getting dedicated legal counsel. Schedule a consultation with a seasoned advocate at The Smith Firm today.