Oklahoma Guardianship Lawyers

In Oklahoma, a guardianship is a legal relationship in which a person, known as the “guardian,” is appointed by the court to make decisions and take care of the personal and/or financial matters of another individual, referred to as the “ward.” Guardianships are typically established when the ward is unable to make or communicate decisions due to a physical or mental incapacity, or because the ward is a minor child.

Types of Guardianship

Oklahoma recognizes two main types of guardianships:

  1. Guardianship of the Person: This type of guardianship involves making decisions related to the personal care and well-being of the ward. It includes decisions regarding the ward’s living arrangements, healthcare, education, and other daily needs.
  2. Guardianship of the Estate: This type of guardianship involves managing the financial affairs and assets of the ward. The guardian is responsible for making financial decisions, paying bills, managing assets, and handling financial transactions on behalf of the ward.

Guardianship Process

To establish a guardianship in Oklahoma, an interested party must file a petition with the appropriate court. The court will review the petition and determine whether a guardianship is necessary and in the best interests of the ward. The court will also assess the qualifications and suitability of the proposed guardian. Typically, the ward’s incapacity must be supported by evidence or testimony.

Guardian Responsibilities

Once appointed, the guardian assumes certain responsibilities and duties towards the ward. These may include ensuring the ward’s safety, providing for their physical and emotional needs, making healthcare decisions, managing finances, and reporting to the court periodically as required.

Limited Guardianship: In some cases, the court may establish a limited guardianship, where the guardian’s authority is restricted to specific areas of decision-making or certain aspects of the ward’s life. This type of guardianship is designed to allow the ward to maintain as much independence and autonomy as possible.

Termination of Guardianship

A guardianship in Oklahoma may be terminated if the ward’s capacity improves, the ward reached the age of majority and becomes an adult, the ward passes away, or if there are compelling reasons to modify or end the guardianship. The court has the authority to modify or terminate the guardianship upon proper petition and evidence presented.

It’s important to note that guardianships involve significant legal responsibilities, and the process can be complex. Seeking the guidance of an attorney experienced in guardianship law in Oklahoma is recommended to navigate the legal requirements and ensure the best interests of the ward are protected.

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