Oklahoma City Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

Prenuptial agreements, or prenups, are standard contracts couples enter before marriage. Prenups allow partners to make vital decisions to protect their property.

While it may be tempting to create your legal contracts and arrangements using a template online, a minor oversight could invalidate the legal document, leaving you vulnerable to the court’s discretion. In those cases, you will need a seasoned attorney by your side. Our experienced Oklahoma City prenuptial agreements lawyer could help you protect your assets and future.

Why Enter Into a Prenuptial Agreement?

People enter into prenuptial agreements for many reasons, including protecting their interests in property and assets they own before joining the union. A prenup can also establish how parties divide marital property in the event of a divorce.

Premarital agreements are also effective for estate planning and deciding on property division after death. One of the most vital aspects of creating a prenuptial agreement is ensuring compliance with state laws so it is enforceable if and when the time comes. Prenups must comply with state contract regulations, so working with a knowledgeable Oklahoma City prenup attorney is often helpful in ensuring everything is drafted properly.

Drafting a Prenuptial Agreement

Full disclosure is the most critical component of creating a valid and fair prenuptial agreement. Both parties to the contract must provide financial disclosures, outstanding debt, and bank statements to identify their complete list of assets and debts. The arrangements can cover a vast range of topics, including the following:

  • The right to separate and division of marital property
  • The division of assets, property, and debts
  • Entitlement to death benefits
  • The legal right to the gifts or inheritances of the other
  • The right of usage and sale of property during the marriage union
  • The ownership and management of family businesses

The prenup lawyers at The Smith Firm could help Oklahoma City couples navigate each of these topics in their contracts.

Legal Requirements

Valid prenuptial agreements must contain specific language and be in compliance with state family laws. A prenup is a legal contract, and parties must enter the agreement on their own accord and with free will. According to the Oklahoma Statutes § 43-205, a couple entering into a marriage union may not enter into an agreement that alters their existing legal obligations. For example, a prenup cannot include child custody clauses or similar, as those issues require family court oversight.

Discuss Your Options With an Oklahoma City Prenuptial Agreements Attorney

Prenuptial agreements are a good idea for all couples. While these contracts often have a bad reputation, they can be essential in protecting your rights and your future. A prenup does not imply distrust; rather, it shows that a couple is on the same page and ready to prioritize their future.

If you have questions about how a prenup might make sense for you, do not hesitate to reach out to our office. Our Oklahoma City prenuptial agreements lawyers could help you decide on specifics and draft the contract so that it best reflects your needs.