Oklahoma City Separation Agreements Lawyer

Oklahoma state law provides an alternative for couples who want to live separately but do not want to divorce. In these situations, legal separation might be the answer. An experienced marital contracts attorney at The Smith Firm could assist with drafting a legally valid separation agreement that addresses your needs.

There are countless reasons that couples choose to separate rather than divorce. These include everything from financial issues to religious reasons. Regardless of your reason, an Oklahoma City separation agreements lawyer is ready to help you navigate the process.

How Legal Separation Differs From Divorce

There are important differences and similarities between divorce and legal separation that you should be aware of. Many of the issues that come up during separation agreement negotiations are the same that must be resolved in a divorce. These include issues of child custody or property division. The right attorney could help you navigate these issues with limited conflict and without delay.

The process for legal separation is very similar to divorce in some ways. While it is necessary to file for legal separation as you would a divorce petition, the good news is that there are no built-in delays. Unlike divorce, no 90-day waiting period must expire before the process can conclude. There is also no six-month residency requirement for you or your spouse. That means you could pursue legal separation as soon as you move to the state.

It might not be immediately clear to you what your best option is; many people see benefits with divorce as well as separating from their spouse. It is important to consider the guidance of legal counsel when making this decision. A diligent lawyer will ensure you evaluate all critical legal issues that come with the end of a relationship. You may benefit from discussing your situation with a seasoned Oklahoma City separation agreements attorney before committing to one option or the other.

Reasons to Consider Separation

No two married couples are exactly alike. Sometimes, the best thing for a relationship is for those involved to live separately, but divorce is not the best option for everyone. When that is the case, a legal separation might be appropriate. Separating offers some of the same benefits of dissolving a marriage, like setting up spousal support or allowing the spouses to live separately. However, it eliminates some of the downsides of divorce, like religious stigma or complicated pension issues. Common reasons that some couples choose legal separation over divorce include the following:

  • Inheritance rights
  • Tax complications
  • Religious objections
  • Pension complications
  • Potential for reconciliation
  • Maintaining health insurance
  • Social stigma related to divorce

No matter your reason, you deserve the support of strong legal counsel when considering a separation from your spouse. Spousal agreements can impact your rights related to your property and your minor children. Therefore, you must protect your rights by enlisting the help of a dedicated separation agreements lawyer in Oklahoma City.

Speak With an Oklahoma City Separation Agreements Attorney

If you believe separation might be in your best interests, get in touch with one of the capable attorneys at The Smith Firm. You deserve guidance from legal counsel that will explain your rights and help you fight for them. Contact an Oklahoma City separation agreements lawyer as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation.