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Disputes over child visitation rights can quickly become heated. A fair visitation schedule is crucial to building and strengthening your relationship with your children, so it is vital that you make the strongest case possible in family court.

A skilled family lawyer could help you protect this relationship and enforce your rights as a parent. The process is not always easy, but our team at The Smith Firm is here to help. Let an Oklahoma City visitation lawyer evaluate your case and assist you with fighting for your rights.

Understanding Standard Visitation

In Oklahoma, the courts are guided by something called “standard visitation.” This standard involves providing a non-custodial parent with a minimum amount of visitation with their child—so long as it is in the child’s best interests. This goal is met by creating a visitation schedule that clearly spells out where a child will be staying on a given night or weekend.

In general, a court that awards visitation will provide the non-custodial parent with more visitation rights than the minimum guidelines set by state law. The most common visitation award is a weeknight visit with the non-custodial parent, coupled with staying with that parent every other weekend. An Oklahoma City attorney could help you better understand your rights regarding visitation.

Making a Child Visitation Schedule

The visitation schedule is the ultimate guide on which parent has the right to see their child on any given day. In some cases, both parents and their Oklahoma City visitation attorneys are able to reach an agreement on how visitation should proceed. When these parents write out a complete schedule for the year, the court is likely to accept it. A judge will only reject a schedule agreed upon by both parents if it is not in the child’s best interests.

Not all parents are able to agree on a custody schedule. In fact, this can be a contentious issue that results in litigation. When that happens, both sides will have to make their case to the judge as to why their proposed visitation schedule is the right option.

Most visitation agreements are specific about when each parent has time with the children. In contentious cases, it is generally best to provide as little ambiguity as possible. These visitation schedules usually account for visitation for each day of the year.

A Child’s Best Interests

When a judge sets a visitation schedule, they have one guiding principle in mind: the best interest of the child. All visitation decisions boil down to what is best for the minor child in question. The court could side with one parent or another, or they could reject both proposed visitation options and make their own plan.

Judges consider a wide range of issues when determining what is in a child’s best interest. For example, a judge will look at the relationship between the parents and child to see if there was any history of abuse. They will also determine the extent of the current relationship each parent has.

In addition, a judge must also look at issues like fitness. This includes considering the health of all parties, their financial stability, and any other issues that are relevant to a child’s well-being. If a parent needs to gather proof of their fitness and suitability, an Oklahoma City visitation attorney could help.

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Disagreements over visitation and other family issues can be stressful for everyone involved. If you are involved in a visitation dispute of any kind, having a seasoned attorney on your side could make all the difference in how your case turns out. Contact an Oklahoma City visitation attorney from The Smith Firm to learn more.