Oklahoma City Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

When you get divorced, there will be court orders in place that control issues related to your children, finances, and property. However, it is common for circumstances to change after a divorce, such as getting a new job, losing a job, getting remarried, or moving out of state. If a change in your situation causes issues to arise after the divorce is finalized, you could seek a modification with the help of an Oklahoma City post-divorce disputes lawyer from The Smith Firm.

Our trusted family law attorneys could help you with the enforcement of an existing order or with making modifications to meet your needs. If you have questions or concerns about the post-divorce dispute process, give us a call.

Modification of a Court Order

While parties to a divorce often try and plan ahead to avoid issues with the terms of their agreement down the road, changes can happen. In Oklahoma, the court will permit modification of orders that relate to children. This means that after the divorce is finalized the parties may revisit child custody, visitation, and support. For example, you may want to modify child support if there is a substantial change in you or your ex-spouse’s income. Modifications to visitation agreements could be made based on how old the child is, their preference, and if there is a change in you or your co-parent’s living arrangement.

In contrast, modifications of orders relating to assets or debts are not allowed. Absent fraud, it is impossible to set aside an agreement regarding the distribution of the martial property or debt. However, spousal support is considered separately and can be modified if circumstances justify it. The best way to determine whether a modification is an option in your situation is to work with a post-divorce disputes attorney in Oklahoma City who could review the details and offer guidance on the best steps to take.

Enforcement of an Order After Divorce

A common cause of post-divorce disputes is when one party does not live up to their side of an agreement. For example, maybe the spouse responsible for paying child support has stopped making payments. The custodial parent could sue to enforce the child support agreement with the help of an Oklahoma City post-divorce disputes attorney. Other common examples of spouses breaking their agreements include:

  • Withholding custody
  • Failure to pay alimony
  • Late or no-show visitation
  • Keeping children from the other parent
  • Not adhering to restraining orders set by the court

Someone who violates a court order can face civil contempt charges. Failure to pay child support can also have serious consequences, like wage garnishment.

Contact an Oklahoma City Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney

There are many different reasons you might consider modifying a divorce order or need to enforce an existing order. For example, maybe one spouse has a significant change in income since the divorce or perhaps one parent is relocating and wants to adjust visitation or custody. These issues are not always foreseeable at the time the parties enter into their divorce agreement. Whatever the situation, an Oklahoma City post-divorce dispute lawyer could help you resolve the issue to achieve your intended outcome.

At The Smith Firm, we offer free and confidential consultations to help you figure out your options. Contact us with any questions regarding post-divorce disputes.